Mirror of Destiny

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The great samurai Toyotomi, together with his father and his daughter are in the temple of the monks that have taken a vow of silence. And there are monks that decide to stay silent for a certain period of time in order to get an inner peace and so but those monks have a covenant of eternal silence which means that find silence as a suitable way of life but at the same time you can\'t get any information out of them. And the group of three - Toyotomi and his companions, will definitely need some information. However, since they can\'t get it for sure, they are willing to look around and get what they want. The object they need is definitely worth all that effort.In this untouched nature, Toyotomi thinks that is hidden the mirror of the destiny, a special mirror old more than 1000 years. This mirror has a special skill - if you direct the ray of light to be reflected on a certain surface, on this surface will be written the destiny of the person that has holds the mirror. That means that the one that will have that mirror and will use it on the right way, will find out his own destiny in that same moment.Toyotomi starts the search for the mirror and he hopes that he will find it in this picturesque place. We could help him and his companions find out the mirror and see how is this strange object working.

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