Almost Quiet Place

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The two detectives, Harold and Judith, arrive in a small touristic place on the south coast. No, they have not decided to take a break from their work and enjoy the sun. Again they are on duty, and their call takes them to this place. This small touristic place used to be the safest in the country. Namely, the crime rate in this place was 0, until now, until this morning. This morning, a group of sudden bystanders found а lifeless body on one of the beaches. That information has shaken the tourist place, including the tourists who stay there. The detectives came right away to see what was happening. They look at the crime scene, and they believe that it is murder. The investigation will start immediately, because only the truth will bring peace in this place again. Of course, the next step is finding who committed this crime and putting him behind bars.Let\'s see, together with the detectives, what has happened in this place and try to help the detectives finish their job as soon as possible.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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