Mysterious Garden

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Detective Sharon and police officer Anna are a good team. They have worked together on a few cases and solved them successfully. Now, they have a new case in front of them, waiting to be solved. This time, valuable objects were stolen from the property of the rich man Stephen. The fact that it is about a very wealthy man attracted some criminals to come into his place and steal something that belongs to him, so now Sharon and Anna are here to solve the case. The two professionals investigate the traces left behind by the criminals, and those traces lead them to one abandoned, mysterious garden. The place looks unusual, and no one knew about it before, but everything tells that here can be found some evidence that can help them solve the case. Detective Sharon suspects that there are hidden, the objects that have been stolen from Steven.Let\'s check out this mysterious garden and see if we can find some evidence, or maybe we can find the stolen objects. The investigation starts right away!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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