Tangled Love

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Love is always interesting but from time to time it is nice to spice the things up. That increases the love even more and makes the things even more interesting. People date and spend wonderful time together but some challenge from time to time, could make the relationships even better.In this game it is about a royal love. The prince Bernard is madly in love with Augusta. This girl is a daughter of the duke Charles. Those two have met secretly in the royal palace that has a yard in a form of a labyrinth. The prince Bernard loves Augusta very much and few times he has point out that he likes to marry her. Augusta is very happy about that but she doesn\'t like to \'surrender\' just like that. She likes to make him conquer her heart and attention so she invents a game for him. She hides few objects in the royal Labyrinth and if Bernard manages to find them, she will become his wife.Let\'s take part in this interesting game of seduction and help those two get together officially. In this case you can\'t take side because it is about love but let\'s help the prince find those objects faster so he could fulfil his greatest wish.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Romance



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