Darkness Calls

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Melissa or known by the local citizens as the city witch, once in a month visits a house that is located at the end of the city. There is something particular about this house, known around as the scary house. The people who live in this city know that there are ghosts living there which means that it is not a favorite place for anyone, except for Melissa, of course. Melissa is some kind of a friend with the ghosts.Namely, she believes that her power as a witch lies in them and they give her power and knowledge for performing the magic. Now when she is here, Melissa has to find all the objects that were left hidden by the ghosts and use them for her magic. It is some kind of a refresh for her magic and she uses it on regular basis.This story may sound little bit strange or little bit scary for you because it is not something you hear that often, but actually you may find it very interesting. Let\'s meet the city witch Melissa and see if we can learn something new from her, when the darkness calls...

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Scary



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