Nocturnal Mystery

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Detectives face a variety of situations every day. Thefts, disappearances, and even murders are all things that may be standard in their work. However, sometimes their work consists of some things that are not so rationally explainable, so it takes a little more research to find out what is happening. Detectives Sarah, Paul, and Donna arrive at the dinosaur museum where mysterious things are happening for the 3rd night. It is known that there are no living creatures in this museum, so it\'s strange that things are happening that are realistic. The incident was reported by the security guard, who was frightened by the terrifying sounds of dinosaurs heard during the nail. The detectives are here to find out what is happening in the museum. Let\'s get involved in this unusual investigation and try to find all the necessary answers for this strange situation. We must investigate everything in detail, ask for enough clues and evidence, and hope that we will be able to help the detectives in their work.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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