Unravel the Mystery

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For this day we have chosen some mystery game. What about some time for thinking over, trying to discover what really happened somewhere and enter the role of a detective, let\'s say? You are surely asking yourself very often how does the mind of a detective work, how do they actually come to the conclusions of difficult cases. Yes, it takes for someone to be strong minded, intelligent, think as a criminal and find the justice.When we are dealing with missing people, then questions are simply all over. You think of the fact you might want to make that person escape, why would that person himself want to be somewhere without anyone to know.Detectives Amanda and George together with their team have arrived in the house where Joshua was seen for the last time. He was a family man who mysteriously has disappeared two weeks ago and until now, there is no trace of him. They are now here to find out what really happened. These brave people have to discover whether he is still alive or he is hiding somewhere.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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