The Anonymous Tip

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Many times, there are mysterious calls about certain robberies, about set bombs or so, that announce that something will happen. And yes, sometimes these reports are true but many times it is about fake reports that actually like to direct the attention to a certain direction while something completely different is happening on some other place…This time it is about a train and a certain report about this train. Namely, Charles, Michael and Jenna are detectives that received an anonymous tip from a person inside of a train that was 30 minutes away from its next stop. The tip they received was rather serious but it still can’t be proved. The person didn\'t identify himself but told the detectives that some people that are currently on the train were planning to rob it before they made their next stop.No matter if the tip is true or not, the detectives reached the train and started their investigation, hoping that the mysterious tip wasn\'t a lie. Let’s see what is happening there and help the detectives.

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