Wonderland Intruders

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You have probably heard about Wonderland, right? But we don\'t know much about this land; we don\'t know who actually lives there... But in truth, some wizards live in lands like this land, where the rules of life are a little bit different... This game will give us an overview of the world of magic and strange things. Marie, together with her father, the wizard Louis, and their friends, got lost in Wonderland. No, even they don\'t live there which means that at this moment, they have entered here illegally and are trespassers in this fantastic country. And that means that they will be prosecuted by the authorities of this country. The group has to find a way how to escape from the land and the whole situation before they get arrested. In this situation, we are the friends in need who have to help this group of friends escapes from Wonderland. Maybe we don\'t know the rules of the land like this, but we know that you will be willing to help in this unwanted situation, but also you are curious to find out something about the world of wizards and magic.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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