Dangerous Waves

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Monday can be perfect day for an adventure, don\'t you think? Why connecting only the weekends with adventure, going outside, having fun and doing something pretty different? Or simply, make the Monday your weekend. And now, if you can\'t escape your working post and you have to stay at some not so interesting place, but, you can have a nice time playing our game today.When people decide to go on a trip at some rare place, it is very normal to have troubles from time to time. Sometimes it can be even very dangerous and that is to say, people are happy to stay alive. You can assume that such a thing actually happened to the heroes in today\'s game.Christopher is captain of a small boat that has just had a shipwreck. He together with his two assistants have departed this morning on a nice fishing day, but the bad weather has prevailed. Now, the three of them are situated on a small island. It is about time for them to start exploring the island and to find a way to safe themselves. As usually, today it is time to be helpful. You will help someone and you will have a good time. Why not?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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