Christmas Gathering

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This is not going to be a difficult challenge for you. It’s Christmas time and everyone is joyful, we think of holidays, of nice things, of getting alone with friends and family members. We usually think of nice things, of telling stories about things that happened to us during the whole year. We try to remember the good things, forget the bad.And when you are having a new home, something that you build it with a lot of love and dedication, you want to celebrate it the best way. You want to share this with closest people. And preparing some diner would be a perfect thing, and gathering all together.James, Mary and little Thomas are getting ready to prepare the Christmas lunch and to host their grandparents to arrive in their home and to celebrate Christmas together. They are pretty excited because for the first time the whole family gathers together in their new house. As young family they would love everything to be perfect, with no problem for the Christmas lunch. They need help in the final preparations.

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