Portal to Fantasia

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Imagine how difficult you would feel if someone threatens you with your home? You live happily and you feel comfortable in your own home and someone comes with bad intentions and take all that away from you and your family? Disappointment and anger will surely be the case and the way you would act. All that you have being building will go away in just a moment. That deserves fight of all kinds, because no one should dare take something that is yours.This intro might be too serious, because we are still offering you a mysterious game for today. But, we wanted for you to feel empathetic about the suffering creature that is being lost.Mythological creature PAN is being lost and came out of his country Fantasia. In that country everything is magical and all the mythical creatures of the world live there. Now he found the entrance to Fantasia, but he needs help to the portal that will take him into the other dimension. PAN needs to find all the hidden objects that could help him activate the portal and to go back safe home.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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