Unexpected Tour

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Amy and Ryan are local musicians who have their own band and they perform in the local discos and restaurants. Thye have dedicated their whole lives to music and they are truly happy when they share their work with other people, performing on the stage and presenting their compositions to the audience. However, they didn\'t have any bigger performance so far, and that\'s why they were extremely happy when their manager announced something big, something that will improve their whole career. Namely, Amy and Ryan\'s manager, at the last moment, has managed to organize a tour that will take place in many cities throughout the country. They are very happy, but at the same time, they are a little bit in a panic because everything has to be done in the shortest time possible. They will have to leave today and don\'t have enough time to prepare for the tour, but they will do their best to be as effective as possible and finish the preparations on time. We can help our ambitious musicians prepare for the concerts, so let\'s start right away!

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