Desert Expedition

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And while there are people who dedicate their lives on searching for artifacts and objects that belonged to the past, but could be useful for discovering something more about the history, there are also people who look for those objects but only to take personal advantage from them. We are talking about the thieves of artifacts who sell those objects, underestimate their cultural value. Few days ago, the archeologist Carl was following the traces of some thieves of expensive artifacts in Egypt and he suddenly disappeared.Julie is Carl\'s friend and together with their friends Keith and Frances, she came to Egypt with intention to find Carl. Julie is afraid that something bad has happen to Carl, that maybe he has been kidnapped by some member of the gang of artifacts thieves.This situation might sound dangerous but it is so exciting at the same time. This is not something we face every day, so let\'s help Julie and her friends in this Egypt adventure. Let\'s hope that Carl will be found before it becomes too late.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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