Buried Memories

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Live could leave traces on people that is for sure. Sheila for example is a very vulnerable girl. Back in 1990, when she was 10 years old, she was kidnaped and hold in custody for almost one month. She was alone there for that month and after that period of time, the kidnaper has left her all of a sudden. She was released in unexplained circumstances and suddenly set free. Sheila managed to come back to her parents somehow but the police never found the kidnaper...The police were working a lot on this case but they didn\'t succeed to catch the kidnaper and the case was closed. Probably it was related with the fact that Sheila didn\'t see the kidnaper\'s face in that time, so she could not recognize the man responsible for the crime. Sheila could not accept the fact that she will never find out who was responsible for her kidnaping...Years after the kidnaping, Sheila was thinking a lot about that happening that left a huge trace in her life. After certain period of time she comes back to the place where the whole accident happens, and she starts exploring the space, hoping that she could find certain evidences that might help her find out the identity of the kidnaper. Let\'s help Sheila solve the mystery of her kidnaping and be finally calm, without any fears.

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