Great Party

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We can\'t say that this is all because of the Barbie mania that has taken over the world in the last month. Girls have always loved Barbie. She is their idol, regardless of whether her proportions are realistic or not, whether she is superior to poor Ken or not... Children are not interested in the anthropological questions raised by the film, as long as they are having fun with their favorite doll.Emily and her husband Paul are throwing a party for their daughter Lisa\'s birthday. They want to surprise her and decorate the whole house in Barbie style. Lisa is a girl who adores Barbie and will surely be overjoyed by the surprise that her parents prepare, but she must not find out what they are preparing for her, until everything is in the best order.However, we are all aware that it is not so easy to turn an ordinary house into a Barbie house. It really takes a lot of work. So let\'s help Emily and Paul successfully complete their secret mission. And little Lisa will surely be delighted by the surprise of mom and dad.

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