Delicious Summer Picnic

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Raise your hand if you are up for a mountain picnic. Epic views and sunshine at a top notch picnic spot in the heart of the mountains while the sun is shining bright and the nature does its magic - what do you need more? If you like wild-romance, you came to the right spot.We are Ashley and Paul, a young married couple that love spending our free time in nature. Going on a picnic is one of our favorite vacation activities! Every spare minute we use to organize a picnic surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Today is our first visit to the mountain range in the south of the country. We\'ve packed our picnic bag, filled with delicacies, and looked for a cozy spot. Here is practically summer and the weather is ideal.We placed the tents and it\'s time to start preparing the meal and after that we\'ll start exploring the surroundings. But first we need to find the items we need. Would you join us and let yourself be inspired by the nature, the impressive mountain scenery and the smell of alpine pastures!

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