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Jennifer is a young tennis player. Even though she is very young, she has a discipline like a real professional, and that is something that will probably help her conquer the peaks in the \"white\" sport. However, sometimes the hard discipline is not enough. At least Jennifer thinks that, and she likes to try herself if she can get a better success by following the quote \"work smart, not hard.\"Jennifer\'s biggest wish is to reach the success of her favorite tennis player, her idol Robert. She has seen all of his matches, so she could get to know better his technique. But this time she has decided to visit him on his training. Actually, she will come there before the training starts with the intention to find his notes. She believes that in these notes he describes in detail his plan for the following months, including his training methods. Jennifer knows that she can learn a lot from her idol if she gets those notes.Do you think that this is a moral action of the young tennis player?

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