Mysterious Laboratory

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For many of us it may sound like something that we only see in the movies or something happens somewhere far from us… And yes, maybe it is not that spread, but it surely exists. Example for that is this mysterious laboratory, owned by the crazy scientist Steven. Steven is known for his experiments for making biological weapons.Those weapons are not legal, but he sells them on the black market. You may imagine how much money he gets for doing something bad, but some people are that obscure… and prepared to do anything for money, no matter if that can harm many people…The two detectives Dorothy and Paul, together with the team of experts, have arrived at the just discovered secret laboratory. It is about Steven’s laboratory, so the detectives are here to find out something more about his illegal work and the trade of those biological weapons.The team of experts starts their work right away, so let’s help them finish the job successfully. It is about a very important and humane mission, so let’s see what will happen.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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