Tropical Tangle

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The lives of the rich can often be full of intrigue. On the one hand, there are always doubts about the origin of their wealth. Everyone knows how much can be earned by honest work, and these people can sometimes earn as much as ordinary people cannot make even in a few lifetimes. And if that money comes from questionable sources, some mafias stalk the rich and want to take the lead in that circle. And sometimes some brazen thieves reach for something that is not theirs... In any case, the safety of those who are too rich is not guaranteed.It is also the case with the rich man named Rodrigo. Namely, Detective Maria, and her partner Bobby, work on a murder case. The wife of the rich man Rodrigo is found dead in the yard of his property, so they come to their home. Maria needs to find out exactly what happened to Rodrigo\'s wife. Is it an accident or maybe a murder? There are too many suspects, so it is up to them to investigate the case well and find out what it is about.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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