After the Storm

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Grace and her husband Vincent are spending their year holiday in one famous tropical resort. Even though they tried to choose a period when there are no storms in this place, the fact is that those storms are rather unpredictable. They know to start just like that, without any previous sign and unfortunately, one of those storms happened exactly when Grace and Vincent were enjoying on the beach.The storm came suddenly, as always, and it made an incredible mess on the beach. All their personal stuff was thrown around but nothing could be done during the storm. After the storm, Grace and her husband Vincent came back on the beach and now they have to find all their personal belongings.This will be rather hard because it seems that the mess left by the storm is really big. Let\'s help the couple find what they are looking for and hope that there won\'t be another storm while we are still searching. Otherwise, this resort is very beautiful place and it guarantees a great holiday, of course, if there isn\'t a storm like this...

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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