Temple of Riddles

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Paul is a famous adventurer. He is always open for new adventures and visiting new places, but his biggest passion is discovering secret places, places that have never been discovered by anyone so far. He hears a story and follows that story until he finds the place from the story and finds out what is it actually about.He loves the adrenaline followed by the discovery of something completely new for everyone! Today, it seems that this will be one of the biggest discoveries in Paul’s life, and one of the most interesting discoveries ever. It is about the Temple of riddles.It is about a place that has been a legend for a long time. People heard about it, but the truth is that no one believed that this place actually exists, so no one didn’t take the challenge to search for it. But Paul didn’t agree with most people. He always believed that this Temple really exists, so he started searching for it.Let’s see if this search will be worth for all the efforts and will Paul really find this special temple.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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