Saving Memories

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Renovating the place where we live is always interesting. That brings a new spirit to our home, something that rests us from the things that were around us for a longer period of time.But even though we look for something new, usually we like to keep the good memories and memories are often related to certain objects. They are not memories about those objects, but those objects are related to a certain context that includes certain people, certain events…Betty lives in a house that is very old, so she decides that it is time to renovate this house. She is willing to give a completely new look to her house, but still, she doesn’t like to lose her important objects while doing the renovation.It is about some objects that mean something in her life, so she likes to protect them. Betty would like to find those objects before the masters come and start working. She has also called her friends John and Robert, to help her find the objects. We could also help them search around the house and find everything that Betty needs.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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