Mystery to Solve

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There were people that thought that Walter was a little bit strange and yes, he was. He was rather strange if you expect from him to be ordinary, because he is everything but an ordinary person. Namely, Walter is an adventurist and an explorer. He is a person that has dedicated his whole life to discovering new places, everywhere on the planet Earth.He has been to places where no one has stepped before and seen things that most of us won\'t ever be able to see, maybe even in our dreams. That\'s why Walter is strange but his extraordinarily makes the world richer with new things, new places that wait for us to be seen.Today is one of those special days for Walter. Today, after a long search, Walter has discovered an island that is not known to the world, a place that is not marked on any map. Since no one knows about this place, of course except Walter, we could expect that this place hides a lot of secrets and finally, time has come to find out and reveal those secrets. There is a great mystery before us, waiting to be solved...

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