New Gardener

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We all have different interests and we show affection about certain things even when we are very young. Megan was always into nature, especially plants and flowers. That\'s why she has chosen gardening as her profession and she enjoys every moment when doing it. However, she still hasn\'t had her first job, but there is something for her in the very close future, so let\'s see what is it about. Megan has become the new gardener in the city garden. This place is full of rare plants that make the garden a wonderful place. As we said, Megan knows much about gardening, but still, this is her first day at work and we all know what does that means - a lot of stress and inevitable anxiety. That means that she will definitely need some help from us, at least to be her moral support. Maybe you are not a gardening expert, but we are sure that you can help her. Let\'s see together what is going on in the garden, get to know something more about plants and gardening, and enjoy the beauties of this unique place.

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