Shocking Secret

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We may think that we know everything about our ancestors but usually, that is not true. Yes, we may know some facts but the fact that we weren\'t there at the time, makes it difficult to believe that everything that we know is true, right? Our parents may represent someone as perfect but occasionally they may hide information to spare us from the truth that sometimes is not that \"pink,\" or they simply like to teach us what is right.Helen, Eric, and Pamela suddenly found out something about their grandfather that seemed to be kept as a secret for many years. But this is a rather shocking secret. They found out that when their grandfather was young, he was a member of a famous gang that used to rob banks in the wild west. The three of them are shocked by this secret so they come to the cottage where he spent the last days of his life. They hope that they will find out something more about this period of their grandfather\'s life, but maybe they will manage to find some of the golden coins stolen from the banks.

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