Fantasywood Guards

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Rachel and Tyler have a very unusual and delicate profession. The two of them are guards of the Fantasywood. Yes, you understand right? It is a forest that hides fantasy creatures and other fantasy sights and objects, and those two take care of everything there, making sure everything is in the right order in the fantasy wood. Usually, it is peaceful in this place, there are no incidents there, but today Rachel and Tyler have a problem in front of them. Someone has come into Fantasywood and has stolen valuable objects from the woods. They don\'t have a clue who might that be; someone from outside the woods, or someone that was there all the time? And even if we put that aside, in both cases is hard to find out who is guilty of robbing the fantasy objects. The guards of Fanatasywoods decide to ask for help from their friends, to search for the objects together. They hope that together they will find the valuable objects that were stolen from Fantasywoods. Do you like to sneak into Fantasywoods and see what is hiding there?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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