Halloween Monsters

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It\'s Halloween\'s time of the year, so many interesting things are about to come! This is one of the most favorite holidays of the year, and not just for the kids. Everyone is excited when it comes to carving pumpkins, decorating the yards, masking, or trick-or-treating and the preparations start even earlier than the actual night... Jack-o\'-lantern is worried about this year\'s Halloween because some scary monsters are threatening that they will destroy this interesting holiday. Jack-o\'lantern would like to find those monsters and to use trick-or-treating so he could ask them to stop making people scared. Maybe Halloween seems to be a scary holiday, but the intention is to be an amusing holiday; to make people have fun with those scary things, not to frighten someone seriously. Let\'s check out this Halloween story and see if we can do something, to make this holiday fun as always, not scary and dangerous. Maybe those monsters will finally decide to stop and do something else instead of spreading fear.

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