Mysterious Bookstore

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Victoria and Noah have a very interesting passion that not many people share. Yes, there may be many people who love to read books, but there are not many people who have the passion to find old books, books that are long lost but have great value. The two of them often make tours in different parts of the world, looking for such books, and the road takes them to many different places. This time Victoria and Noah, together with their friends, find out that it is possible to hide very rare and very valuable books in one of the bookstores in their town. It\'s really strange for them because usually they go further to find something interesting, but sometimes things like this happen. They asked their friend, who works in this bookstore, to let them explore the store after her working hours. Thus, they will have enough freedom to examine everything and find out if that mysterious book exists. The search can begin, so let\'s join it, helping our friends in their interesting search.

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