Tales of Horror

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It is always hard when people can’t find a suitable language for communication with their parents. That’s the moment when people start arguing between themselves, sometimes even stop talking to each other, and that is not a nice thing.But not just people. Even the witches have similar problems, that we will see in the following game. The witch Betty has come in the house of her father, the wizard Donald. For few years already, Betty is not in a good relationship with her father. They can’t find a solution for some problems between them, so now she can’t ask from him to give her the magical potion that gives her power. The thing is that her power is becoming weaker and weaker all the time, so she needs the potion immediately.And since she doesn’t talk with her father, she has decided to enter into his house and look for the ingredients for the potion secretly. Betty wants to prepare the potion by her own, so let’s help her increase her powers before it’s too late. Also we will learn something more about making this kind of potions, so let’s start searching.

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