Living in the dark

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Detective Brian is on a new mission. Every day is a new challenge for him because he faces a new situation that needs to be solved, meets new people and learns something new. And what he sees is not always good but that’s a part of the job. Bringing out the justice and finding out the truth are the main motives that lead him through his job.The detective arrives in Jessica’s house. She is convinced that someone has moved into the old part of her house, a part that is abandoned and completely closed. Having that in mind, it is strange that from time to time Jessica hears voices coming from there, like someone is living there. The whole situation makes her rather scared and that’s why Jessica called the detective.Detective Brian is very careful about the whole situation but also, he is really into paranormal activities, so he brings the priest Richard at the place. They will explore everything in the house, and will try to find what is hiding in those rooms. Is it really about a paranormal activity, happening in the old part of the house?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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