Park Police

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Do you feel safe when you walk through the park? Maybe you don’t see them, but they are always here – the police officers and the team for security. They make sure you feel like everything is just fine, always watching around and noticing things that sometimes the regular visitor of the park can not notice.The police officers Kelly and Mark are part of the Park Police. They, together with the other colleagues, take a patrol every day through the city park. They take care of the park visitors and make sure they are not bothered by the local thieves who every day, try to steal some valuable objects, like valuable jewelry or something, from the park visitors.This morning, a few of the park visitors, complained that thieves have stolen some of their valuable objects. That sounds like a job for the Park Police so Kelly and Mark, together with Johnny, the dog – seeker, start a search for the objects and the thieves that have committed those robberies.Let’s see how will they handle this situation and will the park visitors get their objects back?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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