Finding Truth

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The police know that sometimes when they work on cases that include the \'sudden\' death of a celebrity or some wealthy man or woman, the situation usually is not as it seems at first sight. The motives for the death of this group of people are numerous and unfortunately, it appears that many people would like to see them dead. Sometimes the reason for that is pathological jealousy, sometimes revenge... The police officers Rachel and Brandon dome to the property of the late rich man Mark. He dies and according to the initial investigation, his death was a result of a sudden falling from the terrace. However, the police officers don\'t believe in this story because they don\'t have enough strong pieces of evidence that could prove that. They suspect that his death was a result of a murder, but still, many things should be done to find out the truth about his death. Let\'s help the two police officers finish their task successfully and make sure the justice is on the right side once again.

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