Old Treasure Tale

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There are many old tales about hidden treasure, but are those tales real?! Let’s see if the following one is true, or it is based on the imagination of one small girl…
Nansy believes that in the house of her aunt there are certain valuable objects and her aunt doesn’t know anything about. You may ask yourself, how is that possible?
How could anyone not know about something like that?! Well actually, Nansy’s uncle was a collector of valuable objects. She has heard many stories from him, about his collections and the deals that he made to get them.
As he was explaining in his stories, he always tried to make good deals and get to something really valuable – valuable for the price, but also with a real quality, not some fakes. Nansy was always fascinated from those treasure tales and she listened to them with a lot of attention. Deep down there, she believed that someday, she will get a chance to see this treasure…
But this was years ago and now, those objects have even bigger value! Nansy is at her aunt’s place and she likes to find those objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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