Amys Little Shop

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In the past, there weren\'t big markets like today, but small local shops where people used to go more often because they were located very close to the place where they live. There is one small shop in the place where Amy lives. This is a rather old shop and a place that everybody knows about but it doesn\'t work the last few years. Amy, feeling sentimental about the place and willing to continue the tradition, decides to buy the little shop in her neighborhood. The little shop is rather ruined and Amy doesn\'t want this place to fall completely. Amy has decided to buy the little shop and she plans to renovate it and make it a place where all the locals will meet. The people that live here will shop in her shop, gaining the life we had before when people were meeting themselves in those local shops. Let\'s help Amy in the process of renovating the place and making the little shop such a nice place, as she was imagining it. People will meet there and shop while enjoying the nice atmosphere in the local shop.

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