Enchanted Depths

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Mark is a professor in a very interesting field. Namely, he is a biology professor, or more precisely, a marine biology professor. Mark likes to explore a lot and even knows to spend his time visiting the underwater museum in his city. The purpose of these visits is to observe marine life but also to collect more information about them so he would know more things from practice, not only studying theory. Today, Professor Mark\'s visit has a specific purpose, related to his students. Knowing this territory well, and knowing what this underwater museum has to offer, Mark invites his students to the place because he wants to hold his next class right here, in the museum. Of course, before his students arrive, Mark would like to ensure that the space is well organized for the class. He wants all the necessary props available to him, but he also wants his students to feel safe in the new environment. Let\'s see what the underwater museum hides and, together with Professor Mark, let\'s run the class as successfully as possible.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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