Missing pieces

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Hidden treasure - a part of numerous legends we hear every day. Most often it is just about a story without any actual background but this time it seems that the story is real...Philip is in a search for the disappeared pieces of the map where is marked the treasure buried by his grandfather. This is not a legend but truth and Philip’s grandfather has written in his testament that the one who will find the treasure, will get it for himself. All those years no-one managed to get to all the pieces from the map but Philip believes that he will be the one. He hopes that he will find all the pieces and make the map as it was at the beginning. He also believes that after that, he will be able to follow the coordinates and find the hidden treasure. This seems like a challenge worth trying so are you willing to help Philip complete his mission? Maybe it will be little bit demanding but the effort will pay off, if we find the treasure, right? Let’s don’t waste our time and help our friend.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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