Temple Keepers

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Young Itzel is on her way to become one of the rarest keepers of the holly temple of the Mayas. As you probably know, the Mayas were part of a Mesoamerican civilization, a civilization so well developed that according to some historians, some of their achievements could not be reached even today.They are known by their logo syllabic script, known as the most refined and highly advanced writing system in pre-Columbian Americas. Additionally, they had developed art, architecture, mathematics, calendar, and astronomical system...Today, Itzel has to pass the last test that will help her become a keeper. That\'s why she meets the most experienced keeper of the temple, Colel. She is a very wise woman who will test Itzel\'s abilities by giving her few tasks that need to be completed, in order to get the privilege to become keeper of the temple. Itzel will do her best to solve those tasks and she belies that she will really become the next keeper of the temple.Let\'s take a sneak into the world of the Mayas and learn something more about then while playing this game.

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