The Suburb of Dissenters

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If I go down, you go down, that is the philosophy of each criminal guy, leading a gang. He wants you to fall down if he goes down. He wants you next to him when you do some bad thing for him, but, whenever his freedom is endangers, he will put you in bad situation and take you down to suffer with him. Actually \'strong\' criminals are strong just because they have strong backs in collaborators. When they begin to turn their backs on them, than a problem happens.Detective Thomas, detective Susan and police woman Karen arrive in one of the most disreputable suburbs in the city. Citizens of this suburb have declared disobedience toward city authorities and refuse to pay tax. Authorities know that this thing happens due to the fear that citizens of bad criminal guy Gary have. He is threatening them in every case that someone doesn’t do the things he wants and following by his rules.Detectives are here to find proves that will help them put Gary behind bars. They are good guys who we are sure will love to help bring peace into this town. Imagine how thankful citizens will be if you help this situation be solved.

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