Beautiful Voyage

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Catherine loves to travel. She uses every chance to visit unknown places and since no such person has visited all places on the earth, Catherine\'s chances to visit new places are unlimited. And Catherine is not a typical commercial traveler. It\'s not that she visits only places offered by tourist agencies. She is more of an adventurer, so she likes to see some hidden places, some places that are not well-known but wait to be discovered. This weekend Catherina decided to visit a new destination. She will visit a small city, located in the northern part of her country. She hasn\'t seen this city before, but she has heard that it offers a lot of beautiful places that need to be seen. Once she heard about it, she found it a new chance to get to know her country better and see new things. Let\'s make a company to Catherine and find out what this amazing place has to offer, what are its beauties. And don\'t stick just to the game. Let this game be your inspiration for discovering new places.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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