Whispers of Central Park

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Maybe you were not part of those 42 million visitors that are estimated to visit Central Park annually, but you have definitely seen it in the movies as it is believed to be the most filmed location in the world.It is about the fifth-largest park in the city of New York City, by area covering 843 acres, located between the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan.And in the movies, Central Park is shown as a beautiful place, but sometimes things can be different from the fiction, or even that different, or let\'s say odd and threatening... Edgar and Jenna are the detectives that have been called up to investigate the strange reports concerning Central Park.The reports were about strange sightings and mysterious whispers that could be heard around Central Park. The people that were witnesses of those strange things, could not explain them rationally, so they reported to the police.Is someone playing tricks on the locals living near the park or is this some sort of horrid paranormal activity? We are about to find out very soon.

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