House of Echoes

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The place where we live should be our shelter. We are not talking literary, but yes, our home should be a place where we feel most safe, where we feel that we are protected from everything that happens in the world. Our home should be the place where we could relax and feel better after the hard day at work, after coming home from somewhere, a place where we spend wonderful moments with our relatives.But what if our home turns into something else? Why if we don’t feel safe at home anymore? Unfortunately, Judith faces this kind of a reality the last few days. Namely, few nights in a row Judith can’t fall asleep in her home. The reason for that is that she constantly hears strange voices coming from her house. She knows every corner from the house but still, the voices are here.This night Judith has decided to solve the mystery with the voices. She will walk around the house and try to figure out what is going on there. Judith would like to explore every single place there and hopes that she could sleep in her house once and for all, without feeling scared and interrupted by those terrible voices.

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