Ghost Melody

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Art and creativity take a big part in the life of musicians. Not just when they are performing. It is more about a certain mental assembly that makes them see things the way they see, in a way of eternal creative improvisation, and we are thinking in the best possible way. And when it comes to improvisation, it is the basis of the composing and performance in jazz music. Our today\'s character is a jazz musician. She inherited the talent from her late grandfather who was one of the best jazz musicians and had a very respectful career.And can we say that the music stays in a person even after death?! Those things can\'t be proven and are rather strange, right? We are talking about paranormal things. Maybe Kayla didn\'t believe in them before, but she is scared and worried about something that happens in the house that belonged to her grandfather. Namely, very often in this house, can be heard the grandfather\'s favorite composition, even though no one lives in the house anymore...

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