Lucky Riddles

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Are you prepared for a bigger challenge today? We don\'t say that all the other games are not challenging enough, just that this game is a combination of tasks and a little bit different template of playing, but we are sure that you will get accustomed to it in no time and enjoy it even more.Welcome to the casino our friend! This casino will test your skills on different levels so are you prepared? The game play in the casino happens in a regular night, just like any other night in this place. Your task in this game is to look for the hidden objects that are combined thematically, and after finishing each level, you will face a wizard that will ask you a question about the game. Answering the question right is a condition for continuing with the game, but if you don\'t answer the question right, you have a chance to play the level once again, or simply to watch a small video clip.This interesting game will introduce you one more character, except the great wizard and he is a person employed in the casino. This character will challenge you to find a part of the playing cards that are missing for the final bonus game – a Klondike card game. The game continues like that, until you complete all cards and you answer all the questions.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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