Stories from the Dark

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Karen comes in the house of her late aunt. There is something in the air and the whole atmosphere of the house makes her feel little bit strange but she has to fulfill a certain responsibility. Namely, Karen is here because her parents have a wish to keep the personal belongings of the aunt, not to lose them.She will take a look around the house and try to find everything valuable there and everything that seems to be an interesting memory of her late aunt. This girl doesn\'t believe in ghosts and paranormal things but after this night and this strange thing that happened to her, she will definitely change her opinion.While looking for those objects, Karen suddenly meets the ghost of her late aunt and that is something that scares her a lot in the first moment. But on the other hand, Karen is rather surprised from what she sees and this unusual experience is something completely new for her, something that will open her horizons, that is for sure. We could take a walk all through the house together with Karen and share this unusual experience with her

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