Phantom House

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Rebecca is a famous restorer of old houses. People say that she can do miracles when it comes to old houses, making them look amazing. Few days ago, Rebecca got a call from a certain gentleman named Jonathan. Namely, he had an old house in the downtown area and he asked Rebecca, if she could restore the house. Rebecca accepted the challenge; every old house is a new chance for her to show her incredible talent.After getting the directions, Rebecca arrived at the location. She took a look at the place and very soon she realized that there is no one around. She decided to see the house alone and after few minutes, Rebecca started feeling ghosts’ presence in the house. She can’t be for sure but it seems that it is really about something paranormal.Rebecca got little bits scared but at the same time she is rather curious and she likes to find out what actually happening there. Is it really about a ghost or maybe someone has actually moved into the house? That can be figured out only if she searches the whole house so let’s see what will she find out.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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