Magic Inheritance

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Getting a certain inheritance is definitely a nice thing and all of us should be very thankful if something like that happens to us. But sometimes the heritage could be rather unusual but that doesn\'t mean that its value is smaller...Sandra has been invited into the house of her uncle, the famous magician Paul. Her uncle is very fond of his niece and he likes to leave her his house as a heritage. He is secure in his decision but however, there is still one condition that has to be fulfilled in order to get the house and that condition is not very simple. Namely, Sandra has to find all the hidden magical objects that are spread all over the house. If Sandra manages to find the objects, she will get the house together with those magical objects but also her uncle will give her few golden coins as a present.Those coins have a particular value. Besides the fact that they are gold, they could be also used for making those special magical tricks that have made Paul so successful. Let\'s take part in this magical adventure and help Sandra find the objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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