The Grandparents Treasure

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Sharon always loved the farm of her grandfather. It’s a rather special place for her where she has spent so many wonderful moments all through the years, starting from her childhood, until now. Maybe because she lives in the city where everything is different from here, much louder and buzzy. The farm is something completely different from the city and that’s why Sharon enjoys it so much.However, after some time, when Sharon grew up, she found out something more about her grandfather’s farm. Namely, there is a treasure hidden somewhere on the farm. Yes, you heard right, a real treasure. Now Sharon likes to find that treasure and she is prepared to invest a lot of energy in finding the tracks that will lead her to the treasure. Maybe that will mean hours or maybe even days in searching but that will definitely be worth trying.Let’s help Sharon in her search and enjoy our stay on the wonderful farm. It will be a beautiful escape from our routines, but also a nice chance to discover something big. Do you believe that we will actually find the hidden treasure? Let’s see.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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