Echoes of the Future

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Have you ever thought about having a time machine that will allow you travel in the future and see what expects us? To see how will everything look like, years and years after the time when we live? Well, our today\'s character is Diane who lives in the future. She lives in an ultra modern digital world where many things that we imagine today are a reality. Like teleporting for example, that is something completely usual in Diane\'s world. But yes, it can be confirmed even from the future that those new discoveries can also fail from time to time, no mater how perfect they are. So, Diana\'s friend got lost in space whilw he was teleporting himself from one place to another. His machine for teleportation lost its way, so now Diane looks for a way to get to him. She arrives at the destinations where her friend usually went with teleportation, to find out what happened to him and is he safe? Let\'s help Diane find her lost friend and we guess you\'ll be curious to find out something more about teleportation, right?

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