Romantic Recipe

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Well we are in love, we all like to make something beautiful for our beloved. Some of us will choose a romantic getaway, some will go for a special gift, others choose visiting a fancy restaurant as a romantic gesture and so on.The ones that like to bring their own note to the romantic happening, go for a romantic dinner, but they choose to prepare the actual dinner on their own. And some of us know how to cook, some are real pros in preparing different exotic dishes but others may not be that proficient, even though they still have that urge for making that kind of a surprise. Meet Donald for example, who is deeply in love with his girlfriend. He has an idea to prepare a romantic dinner for his beloved. However, Donald doesn\'t have any experience in cooking but he still has that wish...That\'s why he will need some help from us, to make that perfect dinner. He needs some help with the ingredients, with the recipe and of course, with the actual process of cooking. Let\'s fasten our sleeves and make the romantic recipe!

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